I am Erfan Esmaeeli

Django Developer, Python Programmer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer

erfanesm cv

Name: Erfan Esmaeeli

Profile: Python Django developer and Graphic Designer

Born: 1377 / 10 / 10

University: Karaj Islamic Azad University

Home Address: Iran - Tehran

Email: erfan@programmer.net

Phone: ---

Programing Skills

Django 65%
HTML 85%
CSS 75%
Python 65%
C / C++ 60%

Graphic Skills

Photoshope 50%
create / Edit movie 55%
Photo Designer 50%

My Blog

I will post helpful posts here


Learn PY

Get started learning Python Easy.


My Services

Web Design

User Interface is the first thing that user see it. So its important that you have a friendly web site. I work with Bootstrap and Materializecss framewrok.
As soon as i learn React JS

Web Development

Django is a Model-View-Template framework that uses Python for web development. It’s used by some of the big names such as Google, Youtube, and Instagram.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design is the most important item in developing a site. you can also watch the site in every device in best mode. This site is Responsive and you can test it in any device.


I can take a best photo from you / your Congress / Celebration and etc
Best photography in short time.

Graphic Design

I work with Adobe Photoshope cc 2019 , PicsArt and Snapseed Apllications.
I can make Visit Card , Poster , Banner and a Custom Page

Vide Editor

I can create and edit a video from you / your Congress / Celebration and etc.
I can create a teaser for you.
I work with Camtasia , Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Apllications.






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